Research Paper

Each student shall choose a topic from the suggestion list provided. Please write a 5 page paper on the decided subject. APA style is required. Guidelines for the paper are as follows: Please keep the font between 10 and 12, double space, and use 1 inch margins. Include a cover sheet and a reference page listing your resources in addition to the 4-5 pages of content. Make sure you cite all sources and quotations within the text of your paper (minimum of 5 sources required).

Here are some hints regarding APA Style:

1. Make sure you cite within the text of the paper. This is very important! Any direct quotes, statistics, source ideas, etc must be cited within the paper as well as on the reference page.
2. A cover sheet and reference page listing all resources used are required
3. Pictures may be used in your paper but will not count toward the content of text (5 pages)

TOPIC: The Bible and Politics–How does the Bible influence political thought and action in our culture?