Background Information:
You have been asked by the CIO to prepare a ?request to hire? a systems analyst for your company. Since this is a brand new position, this request needs to be approved by the entire executive team. The executive team is made up of the Staff Heads from Human Resources, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Finance, Sales, along with the CIO.

In the past, the systems analyst work has been done by outside consultants. Since the executive team is not familiar with the role and need for this position, your request will have to convince them of the need.

1. Prepare a paper to deliver to the executive committee that will convince them to approve the new position.
2. This paper needs to include the following items for the new systems analyst position:
a. Request to approve ? you need to make sure the executive committee knows that you are asking for a decision; approval of a new position.
b. Roles and responsibilities for the new position ? what can the executive committee expect that this person will do for the organization.
c. Required candidate qualifications ? what are the required qualification along with the ?nice to have? qualifications.
d. Why you want to hire for an ?inside position? instead of continuing with outside consultants ? need to explain the need for the change in operating procedure.
e. Reporting structure for this new person.
f. Salary /recommendation/requirements ? you must perform a study to determine what the market is paying for this type of position now. You will need to include your research findings in your presentation. The goal is to convince the executive committee to support your salary recommendation.
g. Anything else that may help convince the executive committee that this position is needed.