Individual High-Risk Family Health Promotion Paper
Complete the High Risk Family Assessment and Health Promotion Paper
Construct a 1200-1400-word paper focusing on a high-risk family coping with one of the following issues: teen pregnancy, suicidal ideation, homelessness, or violence.

Paper preparation: on teen pregnancy
for the Identification of one family theory or model useful in analyzing this family and why it is useful
Can be use Orem or family stress model.

Use the information on the Healthy People 2010 (HP) website to find three or four health promotion and disease prevention objectives applicable to the specific high-risk family group.

Introductory paragraph previews topic

1. Description of the health profile of the specific high-risk family group, with an explanation of the high-
risk condition and associated behaviors or patterns use data from the US census and CDC
regarding specific high-risk family group,
2. Morbidity and mortality data for the health issues faced by this family
3. Assessment considerations of the family facing the selected issue.
4. Identification of one family theory or model useful in analyzing this family and why it is useful
5. Identification of applicable HP 2010 objectives for one of the health problems common to this high-
risk group
6. Description of nursing intervention strategies applicable to this family situation based on health
promotion ??” health belief models, family theory, and analysis of family function that are
supported by literature or research
7. Description of the role of the advanced practice nurse as a case manager in this type of nursing

Conclusion summarizes major points and flows logically from the paper

Reference requirements and word count are met A minimum of three current (2002 or later)
The article(s) need to include information on common health issues among members/families from this high-risk group.

APA format is correctly used (margins, headings, citations
Major points in the paper are supported and organized in a logical manner
Ideas are clearly and concisely stated
Correct grammar and spelling are used

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