A. Discuss the relationship between systems theory and healthcare deliver in the US
– What current concepts do you see in healthcare that can be explained or helped by using a system theory approach?
– What is system theory?
– How did these researchers (Ludwig von Bertalanffy and Everett M. Rogers) use systemstheory to look at their healthcare problem?
B. Discuss the relationship between diffusion of Innovation theory and the change process within healthcare delivery in the US.
-What is diffusion of innovation theory/
-What do your authors se as examples of how they think healthcare delivery is viewed or improved by using diffusion of innovation theory?
-What do you see as places where diffusion of innovation can help you explain or view current concepts in healthcare delivery?
-Have you ever seen diffusion theory played out in front of you as you experience changes in healthcare?
-How does the theory diffusion of innovation help us view change?
C. Discuss the relationship between systems theory and current nursing practice.
-What do you think that systme theory does to help you understand nursing practice?
-How does knowing about system theory help you?
D. Discuss the relationship between diffusion of innovation theory and current nursing practice.
– What do you think that diffusion of innovation theory does to help you understand nursing practice?
– Have you seen this theory in action when you experience change in your workplace? Give examples of how this theory could have helped nursing.
– How do you see Diffusion of Innovation help you as a nurse improve your personal practice or those practicing around you.
E. Summarize the search strategies you used to acquire the information on the specified theories.
– What key words and databases did you search in for these articles?
F. Include an annotated bibliography.