– Introduction. The introduction lays out the specific research questions, the
context of the paper and provides a brief overview of the paper.

George W. Bush Administration and U.S. interests in Syria — goals and why
• importance of the other Syria (regional, strategic, resources)
• some historical background
• brief synopsis of the current uprising in Syria and why the U.S. cares
• resources in that country, people, institutions??”any other important factors
• what that country thinks of the United States and why
• that nation’s foreign policy goals and why

– Theory. Lay out the theoretical framework that guides the study.

– Narrative or brief description of the facts and the
historical processes: discuss the actors, the problems,
and the facts that are relevant to the analysis

– Critical Analysis of the concepts, approaches, ideas, and methods
used by the George W. Bush administration. Be sure to relate
the analysis of the case to specific hypotheses that you had specified in the theory
section. The key question here is whether and how the facts of the case support
or contradict the hypotheses. Also, it is useful to say something about if and how
the theory helps explain seemingly inexplicable aspects of the historical case.

– Conclusion. This section summarizes your findings and whatever other
conclusions you derived from the research. Point out shortcomings
or advantages in the policies used in the basis of your study. If there are
policy implications, please mention them.

– Bibliography. List all of the sources you cited or relied upon in the paper