Sociology Book Report based on the book: “Sudden Death and the Myth of CPR” by Stefan Timmermans.
Answer the following question based on the understanding of the book and the concepts of Funtionalist Perspective, Conflict Perspective, or Symbolic Interactionistperspective.

Essay Question: Would you say that the author of that book is writing from more of a functionalist perspective, a Conflict Perspective, or from a Symbolic interactionistPerspective? Your answer must demonstrate that you clearly understand the perspective. Defend your answer with at least three specific references to the book “Sudden Death and the Myth of CPR” by Stefan Timmermans.
Must make specific use of any relevant readings. Use at least three quotes from the book and give references. Must give the author and the specific page numbers for all material you quote or paraphrase. Provide in-text citation when paraphrase or quote material from the book.