I need a paper 9 pages long double spaced. The title of the paper is “Foreign Language Teaching Methods“.
The paper should discuss which teaching methods are most appropriate for the teaching of Slavic at a college introductory level? And, why. Please use the hypothesis that the best way to teach a russian basic language course is to combine teachingmethods. The methods I would like discussed are: The total physical response method, the grammer translation method, the audio lingual method, the communicative language approach – functional notional method, the direct approach method, the reading approach method, the silent way method and the community language learning method.
The definition of these methods can be found at this website:

The paper must also answer these questions: Can and should various methods be combined in the teaching of a beginning fl course? Of the many foreign language methods which do you consider the most appropriate for teaching a basic Russian course at the introductory level? and Why? What methods best address the development of particular skills (Speaking, listening, reading and writing)? Can and should various methods be combined in teaching the begginer Russian course? The paper should posit some practical treatment or theoretical framework for analysis. Commentaries on exisiting treatments (theoretical, textbook, etc,) are acceptable.