Specific topic: financial and investment analysis of the following companies
Sunoco, Home Depot, Dupont, Sysco and portfolio
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Specific guidelines: 1. Construct a hypothrtical investment portfolio of five
publicly traded stocks. (The onces I chose is Home Depot, Dupont, sunoco,
Sysco, and American Express.
2. your starting investment $100.000 (I allocated $20,000 to each stock).
3. The performce of your portfolio must be tracked on a weekly basis. use the
end of the week (Friday) closing prices for valuation.
These are the weekly prices (WK)
Home Depot(HD) Sysco(SYY) Dupont(DD) AMexp(AXP)Sunoco(SUN)
wk1. $31.59 $32.82 $44.51 $44.90 $40.27
wk2. 33.10 33.55 42.26 47.05 39.51
wk3. 31.98 33.57 39.98 44.86 39.30
wk4. 33.63 33.13 40.78 46.58 41.80
wk5. 34.92 33.23 40.42 47.51 42.21
wk6. 36.15 32.87 40.63 47.84 41.70
wk7. 35.60 31.99 39.07 47.62 41.50
wk8. 37.06 33.56 40.49 46.52 43.17
wk9. 37.37 34.12 40.08 46.50 44.48
4. You final report on the project should include the following items.
a. your criteria for choosing investments (growth, value, safety, speculative,
etc.) and your overall goal for the portfolio (I chose growth for both stock.
I’m young and have enough years to grow a good source of income for the
retirement years).
b. Financial and investment analysis of the companies/seciruties included in
portfolio (Ratio analysis, Value Line information, analysst Ratings, etc.)
c. A weekly chart of the value of your investmentd, both individually and the
overall portfolio performce.
d. analysis of the final outcome of your portfolio (what went right/wrong, what
changs would you make in investments or allocations going forward) (I would not
change any of the stock or allocation for I believe that investing in security
is for the long hold and not to speculate).
e. there most be three pages for each security and one for the portfolio.

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