Topic is Finance.
Can you find a linkn between financial developement and economic growth?
Do countries with more developed financial markets accumulate capital faster and grow at a higher rate than less developed brethren? Can you find a link between capital market intergration and investment, productivity, international trade or GDP growth?
Measure of Financial development and intergration include: exchange rate wolatilith, bank clearings, stock market size, and intergration measures(interest rate differentials).
The macro history database contains trade, interest rate, and financial market time series data.
Jones, Obstfeld data(on hte NBER web page) contains 1860-1914GDP and capital formation(investment) data for many nations.
* The paper should
1) Clearly state hypothesis and how you are plan to test it.
2) review past research on the topic.
you cna do citation search on to find articles that cite previous work on the topic.
3) Clearly state conclusion.
What is expected if hypothesis is true?
What do you find?
What can you conclude from these results?

Here is my hypothesis:
When comparing US, which has one of the most developed financial markets, to less developed countries, US accumulates capital and grow at a higher rate due to markets being more stable.
I would like to ask you to find a less developed country than US and compare two of their financial markets.
And, what effects their financial markets have on their nation”s growth.
I would like you to include data(t-statistic,standard deviation) and graph which shows regression line.(Please get a graph with regression line)So please pick a country from and compare with US.
The equation I made(please fix or make if necessary, but do include equation on paper):
Factors:Real GDP=Beta0(constant)+(Beta1(n years” stock market volume)/Beta2(n-1 years” stock market volume))+ Beta2(Foreign exchange rate)
The equation should be calculated for both(2) countries.
I would please like to ask you to include data statistics and graphs(more the better)
After getting all the data please check with hypothesis and get the result.
I really appreciate this and hope to hear from you soon.

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