Bruno Bettelheim. “Hansel and Gretel” p.p. 273 – 280.

Please make sure that you answer the question fully and that you proof for spelling, grammar, and logic errors.
Before embarking on your assignment you should go to “Course Information” button and the folder marked “Essay Writing” and read how to write a literary analysis (for essay choice #1) or how to write a summary
Your essay should have at least two direct quotations that conform to MLA standards, including parenthetical citation.

**** Summarize Bruno Bettelheim’s theory as laid out in “Hansel & Gretel.”


First read the item to be summarized. Don’t try to understand every word; simply let the words wash over you in a relaxed fashion. In doing this you will get a general understanding of the text.

Next, read it again but now underline what you think is the thesis and the main points that support it.

When you begin to write you must do the following:

1. In the introductory paragraph enter the name of the author, the title of the piece, a present tense verb of introduction (example: states, argues, posits, claims, says and so on), and the author’s thesis.

Example: Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar in their essay “Snow White and the Wicked Stepmother” argue that the fairy tale has more to do with Snow White’s relationship with her stepmother than her relationship with the dwarfs.

2. The rest of your paragraphs should be devoted to summarizing the main points of the work under review.


Do not include any supporting details (such as examples, description, statistics and so on)

Do not give your opinion.

Do not use quotation unless it is for a term for which there is no synonym (these are generally technical terms).

After you have written your summary, it is essential that you reread it for clarity and coherence.

This sort of essay, the summary, requires drafts and edits to produce readable work.

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