To support: Please give this assignment to one of your most experienced and knowledgeable writers. This is not an ordinary research, it is academically extremely demanding; it is heavy and it dose require the writer to communicate back to me at all time.

To the writer: We should communicate all the time, I can tell you now that due to importance and specifications there we at least one rewrite if not more. I’m sure you are a professional but I strongly recommend to not take any shortcut material and time wise. It needs to be real. Let me know if you have Any question.

Research topic: What Factors Affects the US President Foreign Policy Decision MakingProcess about Iran?

It should be 25 pages excluding the cover page and bibliography

Outline of the paper:
1. Front Material
A. Cover Page
B. Abstract
2. Introduction
A. Statement of Problem
B. Research Question
3. Literature Review and Thesis
A. Review Existing Work and Theories (it should not summaries, it should categorize concepts and refer to author)
B. State the thesis of Research (state the answer you propose for research question)
C. Hypotheses (what to expect to observe if the thesis is correct)
4. Methodology
A. Specify Research Protocol
B. Evaluate the Validity and Reliability of the Design
C. Describe Measurement Design
D. Discuss Sources of Evidence that You will use to Support your Arguments
5. Arguments and Evidence
A. Argument 1
B. Argument 2
C. etc
6. Summary and Synthesis of the Arguments and Findings
7. Conclusions (include interpretation of the meaning of findings and implications for future research)
8. Bibliography

Conceptualization should apply throughout the paper

This research is an Empirical Positive research, meaning there should be some data, graphs, numbers, measurements, and analyzing to support.

10 for Your data gathering
15 articles from scholarly
10 books

Important dates:
-By 5th of March I need to turn in the Literature Review, Thesis, and Hypotheses to be approved before we moving on.
-By 10th of March I need to turn in a 10 page draft of the paper that will include measurements, bibliographies, and general outline of paper.
-(((we will communicate)))
-1st of April: due date