Topic: Examination of Declaration of Independence as a Primary Source.
Purpose: To identify and evaluate the justification for independence presented in the document.
1. In your own words, describe the theory of goverment presented in the Declaration and the circumstances that merit abolishing an existing goverment and creating a new one.
2. Identify and describe four categories of grievances against the King listed in the Declaration and give examples of specific
British actions that support these grievances.
3. Identify and describe how the British goverment in 1776
would have answered or responded to these grievances.
4. Is your paper clearly writen and easy to understand?
The textbook we are using for this class is:
A people and a nation 6th edition
As stated in a letter from calbear 7, please include the following at no addtion charge
title page: Examination of Declaration of Independence as a Primary Source, please include my name on the title page Judy

4. After your analysis of the American and British positions, do you feel the Declarationmakes a persuasive case for the case for the creation of a new nation? Why or Why not?
2. The paper must be printed/doubled spaced
3. All the information you need to write this paper is in your textbook. If you use outside resources, you must include reference notes and a bibiogaphy in your paper.
Grading Criteria:
1. Do you thoroughly complete all parts of the assignment?
2. Do you use specific examples to support your general points?
3. Do you clearly take a stand and support it with evidence in part 4 of the assignment?
4. Is your paper clearly written and easy to understand
Please use font:12 double space
please include the free title pafe: Examination of Declaration of
Independence as a Primary Source