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Results Driven (accountability, customer service, decisiveness, entrepreneurship, problem solving, technical credibility)
? This core qualification stresses accountability and continuous improvement. It includes the ability to make timely and effective decisions and produce results through strategic planning and the implementation and evaluation of courses and policies.

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My organization, the Department of Veterans Affairs, values my ability to get results. On December 30, 2004, I was tasked directly by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Chief of Staff to plan and execute the department?sFarewell Ceremony in honor of the 4th Secretary of Veterans Affairs, The Honorable Anthony J. Principi, on January 19, 2005.

The event would be held at the G.V. Sonny Montgomery Veterans Conference Center at the VA Headquarters in Washington, DC. This was a notable project as there were a myriad of members of the President?s Cabinet which were departing the administration. The impact of a ceremony at this level was a direct reflection on the stature of the Department of Veterans Affairs as a cabinet level organization and the United States of America. As such, I had approximately 3 weeks to pull together a team of professionals that could execute the ceremony, production of a video (historical fottage of SECVA?s life and tenure), sequence of events, and ceremony befitting the major efforts of the 4th Secretary of Veterans Affairs, The Honorable Anthony J. Principi,.

In providing services for this event, I thought it important to not only think out of the box, but also to create the box by redefining services and partnering with other organizations such as the VA Employee Education System. The goal was to ensure a cabinet level agency and a grateful nation paid its respect for the tireless efforts of the 4th Secretary of Veterans Affairs, The Honorable Anthony J. Principi, United States Naval Reserve, Retired.

With 3 weeks to successfully execute this event, I pulled together a team and created a vision for the event. I designed the sequence of events in 3 parts which included the department?s reception of the Guest of Honor, the program, and reception. My staff and I coordinated the participation of the program participants: master of ceremonies, chaplain, singer, Military District of Washington (MDW) joint colorguard, host, and guest of honor. By continuing positive relationships and building the confidence of participants regarding their contribution efforts. I had to personally hold meetings with each program participant and convince them to participate and the need for their particular skill to the overall program. Next I wrote the script for the program for the master of ceremonies, coordinated related content for the speeches of the host of the event and guest of honor, and coordinated the presentation items for the host (VA 30 year Service Award (signed by members of the senior staff), Charcoal Sketch, Nameplate, U.S. Flag, Waterford Eagle, SECVA Flag, and Presidential Cabinet Chair). The sequence of events included the following:
Part I -Courtesy Call-Deputy Secretary Mansfield, Secretary Principi family mbrs (3 sons)
Part II -Welcome & Acknowledgements by The Honorable Tim S. McClain, General Counsel
Presentation of Colors by Military District of Washington Joint Color Guard
National Anthem sung by Aaron Lee, Office of Human Resources Management
Invocation by Chaplain Hugh Maddry, Director, National Chaplain Center
Video Presentation: Tenure of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Remarks by The Honorable Gordon H. Mansfield, Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Presentations by The Honorable Gordon H. Mansfield, DEPSECVA
o VA 30 year Service Award (signed by members of the senior staff)
o Charcoal Sketch, with engraved brass plate
o Nameplate, with engraved brass plate
o U.S. Flag, with engraved brass plate
o Waterford Eagle
o SECVA Flag, presented on staff
o Presidential Cabinet Chair, with engraved brass plate
Remarks by The Honorable Anthony J. Principi
Closing by The Honorable Tim McClain
Benediction by Chaplain Hugh Maddry
America the Beautiful by Aaron Lee
Part III-Reception
My goal was to hold a ceremony which could accommodate 500 guests. This meant printing 1500 invitations for 3000 guests (in-house) and sending invitations via all forms of communications (US mail, fax, email, and telephone) to 1000+ guests (within 1 week) whom were stakeholders of the event and the guest of honor; which included: personal guests of The Honorable Principi?s; White House Staff; VA Senior Staff members (political appointees), VA (HQ) Senior Executive Service (SES?), Members of Congress, Officials form Mississippi State University; Judges of the US Court of Veterans Appeals; Title 38 employees; members of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee (SVAC), members of the House Veterans Affairs Committee.
Next I assembled a top notch team to work the content of the ceremony and event. I met with and selected a team of 12 professionals for this project which included personnel from the VA Employee Education System (video); office of administration; media relations; congressional and legislative affairs; office of the executive secretary; and the office of protocol. Team members were highly enthused and energetic about this event. I discussed with the team the Vision of the event, beginning with the production of the video. The video was important for 2 reasons: 1-Ceremony-to honor and educate guests of the event today and 2-to serve as a source of education to support the legacy of The Honorable Principi as a notable public servant and 4th Secretary of veterans Affairs.
I directed the video team to focus on 5 areas of The Honorable Principi?s life to ensure we honored his legacy appropriately. The areas were: 1- generation of service to our Nation, followed steps of his father; whom retired as an E-9 in the United States Navy; 2. Service to our Nation as a: US Naval Academy grad, class of 1967, Vietnam veteran, and military service for 14 years; 3-Service as staff leader for the Senate Armed Services Committee(SASC); directed assisted Chairman Montgomery with legislation for the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB); and its impact on the 2.5 million service men and women that used the educational benefits; 4-family legacy of 2 sons currently serving USAF; wife retired USN Nurse; and 5-The impact of his tenure as Secretary of Veterans Affairs in 5 areas:
1. VHA-CARES, Capital Realignment of Enhanced Services
2. VHA-Reduction in waiting times for medical services
3. VBA-claims processing reduction, from 500,000 to 250,000 within 4 years
4. NCA-greatest expansion of NCA since the Civil War
5. Staff-Fought for and won increases in Budgets four consecutive years
I held team meetings 3 times per week, for a total of 9, conducted site visits, and pre-ceremonial walkthroughs with my team, the SECVA, DEPSECVA, and Chief of Staff. My team and I successful planned and executed this event and ensured it was appropriate for the guest of honor. There were more than 350 guests, whom attended the ceremony; guests included the Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, former VA Secretaries and Deputy Secretaries, members of Congress, and military officials. The Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs was pleased, the guest of honor, The Honorable Anthony J. Principi was very pleased, and we are still receiving favorable comments about this event today.
In addition this major event held on January 19, 2005, my staff and I continued to provide our day to day services to the Office of the Secretary. Simultaneously we planned other notable events, of equal stature to include, VA Holiday Activities (department-wide sing along; employee reception, VSO Reception); DEPSECVA Award and Retirement Ceremony iho The Honorable William Campbell, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration; SECVA Award and Retirement Ceremony iho Counselor to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs; DEPSECVA OCLA Brief for SECVA Designate; SECVA Award and Retirement Ceremony iho Mark Catlett; SECVA Lakeside Leasing Signing Press Conference; SECVA Senior Staff Meeting; SECVA Award Presentation to Jim Mayer; SECVA Award and Farewell Reception iho The Honorable Nicholson, Under Secretary for Benefits; SECVA Recognition Ceremony iho Seamless Transition Task Force; VA Observance of Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Birthday (hb The Honorable Pittman, Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Adminsitration); SECVA Photo Opp w/Snr Staff Deputy Secretary, Under Secretaries, and Assistant Secretaries; and SECVA Appreciation Ceremony iho Employees for the 51st Veterans Day Observance.

In 2002, I was asked to be a participant in the Secretary?s Task Force for the Employment and Advancement of Women. The Secretary directed the establishment of a Secretary?s Task Force on the Employment and Advancement of Women to develop a comprehensive plan that would correct the imbalances. The Secretary mandated the following:
? Expand the Women?s Executive Leadership Forum to include field facilities.
? Obtain information from other agencies and the private sector on best practices.
? Work with professional organizations?Executive Women in Government, Federally Employed Women, National Association of Female Executives, and others?to enhance VA?s ability to recruit and retain highly skilled women and prepare them to become future VA executives.
? Identify strategies to recognize and publicize the accomplishments of
women in government.

In December, the Task Force met in Washington, DC, to begin its work and identified the following major categories that the comprehensive plan would address the current situation; data collection and analysis; business case; and the implementation plan linked to the department?s strategic plan.

The Task Force collected and analyzed voluminous data and obtained feedback regarding its efforts from a variety of sources. To ensure consistency with the Secretary?s mandate, Task Force members briefed the Chief of Staff on its plan. After receiving approval, the Task Force met in January 2003 in Baltimore, MD, to develop the draft report and refine data collection efforts to ensure accuracy, validity, and relevancy to VA.

In keeping with the Secretary?s expressed desire that the Task Force conduct focus groups as part of its deliberations, in March 2003, an independent contractor conducted focus groups in Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Washington, DC; and Little Rock, Arkansas. The Task Force selected these cities to ensure representation, to include men and women, from as many Departmental organizational elements as possible. The focus group results validated the concerns raised to the Secretary during the October 2, 2002, meeting and further assisted the Task Force in developing strategies for success.

This report details the Task Force?s efforts. The members have worked diligently against a tight deadline to thoroughly assess VA?s current situation and outline strategies that will bring about meaningful change. These strategies establish a foundation of effective processes that will serve to institutionalize diversity as an integral part of VA?s framework, now and in the future.

I personally led the subcommittee on researching best practices for the report. I led focus groups, researched relevant information, and developed the best practices section for the final report. The committee had been in existence for one year. The SECVA was pleased and accepted the report to use as a blueprint throughout the department. The Secretary presented each member of the committee with an award. I received the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Commendation for my efforts on the committee for their efforts.

The Task Force report provides meaningful and effective strategies for success that are feasible, cost effective, cross-functional to other minority groups, and linked to VA?s organizational goals and objectives. Implementing these strategies will produce measurable improvements and achievable results by December 2004 to assess their own behaviors and identify other approaches they might take.