This assigment is an assignment in abnormal psy I will be mumbling and staring and talkig quietly o myself in a public space. Once I have identified this dieviant behavior it has been perfomed. As a follow up to the diviant experience in part II I should imagine what it would be like to be diagnosed with schizophernia such that the deviant behavior I exhibed during the experiment was now a permanent part of my everyday behavior (along with other cognitive, behavioral,and emotional problems.)

1.prvide a description of the deviant behavior, location used,and the reaction of subjsct.
2.summarize your thoughts,feelings,and reactions to both carrying out the behavior and observing how others react.
3. What problems,issues, and prdjudice would you have in real lif dealing with the behavior.
4. What do you think it would be like to be stigmatized
by society.
5. What would you say to those who are prdjudice against the mentall ill and what would you do to help the understand mental illness better.
6. why do you think mentall illness stigmatization exist.
7. How could you go about to reduce the sense of shame experienced by those who suffer from a mental disorder.