“request for pheelyks. addition to 108177”

“request for pheelyks. addition to 108177”

“request for pheelyks. addition to 108177”

could not reach you on link provided. not sure if you will have questions. but will not be available at this email to reply till order is completed tomorrow unless you call if that is acceptable.

The child must be six years old, female and referred to as daughter in essay. The setting if used in essay must be my home.

1. Not sure how you plan to handle the handwritten observation notes that is referred in instructions below. You may want to devote part of the third page to that or I can use the essay and create my own notes? I am not sure use best judgement.

Please remember that the reference source must be Psychology Applied to teaching , Twelfth Edition and only material from chapter 1-3 should be cited.

would write essay in the order set below and please use Piagets conservation model which is pouring water into same size container first then choosing two containers of different dimensions and asking child if volume has changed.

Observation Assignment: Developmental Stages

EDC/PSY 210 Educational Psychology

1.. observe daughter who is a 6-year-old child
at play for about 30 minutes.
1.. Keep detailed notes on the child’s behavior.
2.. Make a note of the child’s age and gender.
3.. Watch especially for any clues to the child’s stage of
cognitive development.
2.. Try a Piagetian task with the child. Choose the task based on
the child’s age and play.
3.. Try posing a moral dilemma to the child.
4.. Using the information in your textbook and from the lectures,
match the child’s behavior with a cognitive stage, a moral stage, and a
socio-emotional stage of development.
5.. Write about 2 word-processed or typed pages (double-spaced)
describing and interpreting your observations. Cite your textbook and any
other sources you use in APA style. Only the textbook is required as a
source for this assignment.
6.. Turn in your handwritten observation notes along with the essay.

1.. You may choose to interact with the child yourself.
4.. The Purdue Online Writing Lab offers an excellent tutorial on
APA Style:



_____ (2) Recorded child’s age and gender.

_____ (2) Observed child for about 30 minutes (or interviewed and
older child).

_____ (5) Observation notes show that the child’s behavior was
recorded in detail with particular attention to clues of the child’s
developmental levels.

Piagetian Task

_____ (2) Chose an appropriate task for the child’s age and apparent

_____ (2) Set up and administered the task well.

_____ (3) Interpreted child’s response reasonably.

Moral Dilemma
_____ (2) Attempted to pose a moral dilemma to the child.

_____ (2) Interpreted the child’s response reasonably.


_____ (5) Applied theories of cognitive development (Piaget or
Vygotsky) appropriately.

_____ (5) Applied theories of moral development (Piaget, Kohlberg
and/or Gilligan) appropriately.

_____ (5) Applied Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development

_____ (1) About two (double-spaced) pages long.

_____ (1) Cited textbook as a source.

_____ (1) Used APA style citation.

_____ (2) Used correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.