I will fax you a check list which I was provided by my professor. Baiscaly I would like this to be a “PERSUASIVE” essay to discuss why we should not have “designer babies” and how it is not right to “design a baby by slecting or altering an embryo. My “narrow” issue are the major social concerns – Will we breed a race of super-humans who look down on those without genetic enhancements? Will these new technologies only be available to the wealthy – resulting in a lower class which still suffers from inherited disabilities and diseases? Will discrimination against people already born with disabilities increase, if they are perceived as genetically inferior? OR how tampering with the human genetic structure might actually have unintended (and unpredictable) consequences that could damage the gene pool. (Please check http://www.tecsoc.org/biotech/focusbabies.htm) which is where I got these questions from.