request for shelby! No other writer take.

Hello Mark,
In case you are not familiar with me, I purchased a Microeconomic paper back in July (Order ID: 79080, Order Number: A1113739). I have the same instructor for Macroeconomics. The author of the Microeconomic term paper did such a fantastic job; I am requesting the same author, if that’s possible.

Suggested Topics of the Macroeconomics Term paper include:
1) Oil price increase and its implication for the U.S. economy.
2) Economic effects of U.S. dollar depreciation
3) Appreciation of Euro: Will it take over the dollar as a reserve currency?
4) Government debt: Should we sorry about it?
5) Trade deficit: Causes and consequences.
6) Country Study: China, Russia, Mexico, Canada, etc (any one of the following)
7) U.S. FDI investment inflows
8) U.S. Budget deficit: causes and consequences
9) The current credit crunch: Its sources and implication (Mortgage Crisis)
10) U.S. international debt
11) The State of the U.S. Economy
12) Financial Crisis (any one of the following):
a. Asian
b. Mexican
c. Argentina
13) U.S. Productivity
14) Saving rate in the United States (S/Y)
15) Any other macroeconomic topic of your interest
(As long as the term paper is unique, formatted correctly, and has factual content, I don’t care. Whatever is easiest for you?)

The professor’s guidance is as follows:
10-15 pages typed, double spaced (not to include reference page and title page)
At least 5 references from articles and/or journals (must be from current viable sources that can easily be found at the local library. For instance, Wall Street Journal, Money, Forbes, Fortune)
Must have a Title Page and Reference Page (Format don’t care)
Figures and/or Tables must be referenced and cited appropriately
Any supported documentation from journals and articles must be cited properly and formatted correctly within the term paper and be included on reference page

Uniqueness, content, and formatting are top priority

If you have any questions or seek any additional guidance, please don’t hesitate to email.

Thank you very much for your assistance.