Additional information:
-Normal aging = a number of skills and abilities to be intact or only slightly different. Independent in daily activities, and some slight memory loss.
-Mild cognitive impairment seen prior to dementia include significant memory complaints, such as a chronic forgetting of important information, and memory impairment on standardized tests.
-Discuss the ability to separate normal ageing from mild cognitive impairment, this may be:
?Cognitively ?differences in the extent of memory failure; verbal memory tested over time; failure to benefit from cueing at recall
?Neurobiological changes ? i.e., differences in hippocampal volume.
?Biomarkers – the presence of the apolipoprotein E (ApoE)-4 allele – initially studied as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease – may play a role in neural repair. Individuals with this protein
-Types of cognitive testing that may be used to differentiate this issue need to be discussed.

It would be great if this was done in APA format and there were no direct quotations and if the sources were scientific journal articles.