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Will be sending fax of textbook pages and e-mail of case study. Do not use information more current/updated than what is presented in the case study. Must take an “as it is presented” approach. Cannot use sources about Worldco, but any sources about supply chain will work. Must use bullet points where shown, do not use bullet points where not asked to.

1) List five primary features of fashion apparel retailing in Japan. How can a company use its supply chain to compete in the Japanese retail environement? Use bullet points to answer the five primary features portion of this question.

2) Identify the important features/components of World’s supply chain, focusing on the processes for manufacturing, demand forecasting, and inventory planning. For each of the important features/components, briefly describe how it contributes to the company’s accomplishment of remarkably short lead times (relative to U.S.A. apparel supply chains). Use bullet points to answer this question. Example: For “manufactuting” have one bullet point with 1-2 sentences underneath it describing the contribution.

3) Can World’s supply chain processes be replicated at other apparel companies – why or why not? What about non-apparel supply chains – why or why not? Identify potential barriers to both situations.

4) Consider chapter 4 (“The demand management process”) in the text. List approximately ten (10) key issues/points from the case and then integrate/support them with material from chapter 4. Provide specific page numbers to identify the material from chapter 4. In your opinion, does the World Co. policy and procedures support the text’s perspective on demand management – yes or no, and why? Use bullet points to answer the “ten key issues/points” portion of this question. Example: For a key issue in the case, have a bullet point that says.. On page 92 3rd paragragh it says…”
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