Author Requested: Heideger
Deconstruct Stokely Carmichael’s Black Power Speech and provide references page.
Available here:
Deconstruction must answer all these questions:
1. What sociological theory(ies) would you apply to Carmichael’s speech?
2. What position is he taking on Civil Rights?
3. How does his position relate to other aspects of the Civil Rights Movement such as Martin
Luther King, Huey Newton, or Malcolm X?
4. What campaign and repertoires is he suggesting? Campaign: a sustained, organized public effort making collective claims on target authorities. Repertoires: employment of combination from among the following forms of political action: creation of special purpose associations an coalitions, public meetings, solemn processions, vigils, rallies, demonstrations, petition drives, statements to and in public media, and pamphleteering.
5. How does his speech relate to WUNC? WUNC:participants’ concerted public representation of Worthiness, Unity, Numbers, and Commitment on the part of themselves and/or their constituencies.
What possible outcomes did he see in his approach to Civil Rights?