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I. Information Systems Security is the number 1 goal of organizations today, especially when planning a new infrastructure. IT security experts have their hands full when planning.

A. Types of information systems
1. Computers, printers, etc.
2. The network itself.
II. Identify the threats and vulnerabilities of the environment

? Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.
? Spyware and adware.
? Zero-day attacks, also called zero-hour attacks.
? Hacker attacks
? Denial of service attack
? Data interception and theft
I. Discuss some to the best practices to ensure a secure network, and system infrastructure as well as insights on the various components of a stable network. Basic components of most infrastructure include:

? Workstations
? Servers
? Printers
? Firewalls
? Switches
? Routers
II. Designing a Security plan for your Network Infrastructure.
? Planning your infrastructure
? Putting together a good team
? Compliance
I. The security/ IT team for an organization is responsible both for designing and implementing the security plan for the network optimizing it for future securities
II. With proper planning and implementation securing the network infrastructure will in the long run save the organization money.