you need to read the novel book “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison before you write this essay. when you write the essay , please use simple words. dont use big words.
this is a creative thinking essay. the top of the essay can be the mean idea of the novel,(what is the inside meaning of the novel?) or (what is the nature of man?).
1. intro, summary the novel. what is happening in the story. need to have a thesis,( tells what u r doing to talk about in the whole essay)
2 body, use some quotations from the “the bluest eye” and four other source from internet, to prove (to talk) your thesis. after using a quoation, you need to put down the thinking of the quoation, ( what is mean of the quatation, what is thinking or opinion for you?)
3 conclusion.
Thanks you. please use simple words. and give more opinion and thinking in the essay.