the topic is endocrinology.

please write 4 essays two pages on each essay.

essay one: 1. How do insulin and glucagon counterbalance each other in controlling sugar and fat content in blood vs cells?

essay two. 2. How does epinephrine affect the following functions
1. nutrient metabolism
2. thermogenesis
3. cardiovascular system
4. respiration

essay three. 3. Discuss the following :
a) diabetes mellitus. discuss type 1 and type 2 but focus on. type 2.
b) hyperthyroidism

essay four. 4. How do somatotropin (pituitary)and somatomedin s(liver) work together to accomplish growth?

information on these topics should be used from my text book which is named
Endocrinology sixth edition by mac e.hadley and jon e smith..
chapter 11 to 15 is where you can find all the answers.
each essay must contain an introduction and a conclusion.
paraphrase the information found in the book to answer the essays.

please coomunicate with me with question and issues

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