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Course: Field Study Seminar
Paper: Critical Analysis
Topic: Effectiveness of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

Field Study Placement: Girls Incorporated of Orange County
Intern:- outreach program facilitator (at junior high and high schools) for preventing adolescent pregnancy.
Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy Program is prised of the following ponents:
Growing Together (ages 9-11 and parents)- parent-child workshops to foster healthy munication
Will Power/Won?t Power (ages 12-14)- assertiveness and decision- making skills
Taking Care of Business (ages 15-18)- educational/career planning and goal-setting
Health Bridge (ages 15-18)- information about munity health resources.
Teen pregnancy often bees the obstacle that derails a young woman?s future?and the future of her children. Nationally recognized as one of the few research-based programs addressing the prevention of teen pregnancy, Girls Incorporated?s Preventing Adolescent Pregnancy Program provides teen girls with the knowledge and the skills to take advantage of educational and career opportunities.

(here is the field placement website to get more info for paper: girlsinc-oc.org)

6-page review (STRICT PAGE LIMIT ? NO LESS OR NO MORE THAN 6 PGS.) of 1 empirical article and 1 popular media article related to your field study placement.
You will need to find 1 empirical article (i.e., a study that has a method and results section) and 1 popular media article (i.e., a magazine or newspaper article, including online newspapers, etc.) relevant your field study placement. The articles selected must then be reviewed and integrated into one paper that focuses and how the information provided by various sources relates to that which you are actually experiencing and witnessing in your field placement.

**Good Article databases when searching for empirical articles: PsyInfo, PubMed, Web of Science
**Good article databases when searching for popular media article: Lexis Nexis Academic NEWS
(please provide me with a pdf file of full text or website link where I could directly locate the original copy of both the empirical article and popular media article you use)

In addition, the paper should include a discussion of a proposed study that may provide more knowledge about some aspect of the field placement.

Your paper should be formatted in a manner that a) outlines the topic of your field study placement and articles, b) describes what you see/experiences at the field placement, c) reviews the articles (describes the study, the sample, the findings), d) describes how the information in the articles reflects what you are experiencing in the field placement, and f) provides an idea for a new study that would offer additional insight into the problems of interest. The paper should conclude with remendations for ways to conduct more research and write popular articles in manner that informs people about actual experiences in field placements like yours. The paper must include a reference list.