Area of writing: Contemporary issues in Human resources Management

Topic of the essay: The effect of Talent Management on Productivity

Writing type: Academic essay

Description: Write a research essay examining and evaluating the potential impact of a contemporary issue on the Human Resource profession.

Specific Questions that need to be covered:
– What is the link between performance appraisal outcomes and effective leadership?
– What influences this think?
– What role do reward systems play in this link and will these reward systems still be relevant in 2020?
– How can HRM professionals develop organisational cultures that foster retention of talent?
– What do these cultures look like?

Need to include a literature overview at the beginning after the introduction.
Requirements :
? Demonstrates a very clear understanding of topic area and its implications for HR.
? Succinct argument and thorough critical analysis. Critiques, integrates and assimilates research to support conclusions. Conclusions clearly derived from critical analysis of evidence reviewed.
? Has developed and justified using own ideas based on a variety of sources which have been thoroughly analysed, evaluated and discussed.
? Demonstrates ability to identify key social and cultural considerations in the given scenario, taking an in-depth focus throughout.
? Professionally presented with substantial attention to detail. Material is consistently and accurately referenced. Outstanding use of grammar, syntax and spelling.

Suggested references to use:

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