Deviance Biography

To get you thinking about the causes of criminal behavior you are going to write a deviance biography that attempts to explain the behavior of a person that you know.

According to self-report studies, almost everyone has at one time or another committed an act that is considered illegal or at the very least deviant. But as we know some people do this at a much greater extent than others and are involved in much more serious events than others. The purpose of this paper is for you to write a deviancy biography. Describe the criminal, delinquent and antisocial behavior (or lack thereof) of someone you know (please do not use real names). How involved was the person? How serious was their behavior? When did it start? When did it stop? After you have described their involvement you must discuss two or three factors that you believed explain their behavior and/or changes in their behavior.

Some criminologists ask ?why don?t people commit crime, ?this means that you can write a biography on someone who has never been involved in crime or deviance and explain why.

Make sure spelling and grammar is error free!!! Also the book that the class is using to find some factors is the Second edition of Criminological Theory Past to Present by F. Cullen and R. Agnew.

Tell a little a bit about their life growing up that might of lead or maybe not to crime. Please make sure deal with crimes that are deviant. I mentioned one- two citied sources can include the book I mention and the person (make-up name) if you are quoting what they told you.

If you need more time e-mail me to let me know!!