Development Studies
Essay Question: Critically evaluate the views that International trade and investment promote economic growth.

Essential sources:
Easterly, W (2002) The Elusive Quest for Growth: An Economists Adventures and Misadventures In the Tropics (Cambridge, MIT Press) Chapter 2

Krueger, A.O (1998) Why Trade LIberalisation Is good for Growth, Economic Journal 108

Demetriades, P. and Hussein, K.A (1996) Does Financial Development Cause Economic Growth? Time-Series Evidence From 16 Countries, Journal of Development Economics 51, pp387-411.

Grabel, I. (2003) International Private Capital Flows and Developing Countries, in H-J. Chang (ed.) Rethinking Development Economics, London: Anthem Press.

Stiglitz, J. (1993) The Role of the State in Financial Markets, Proceedings of the World Bank Annual Conference on Development Economics, pp.19-52.

Please cite all these readings in the Bibliography, I’d also like footnotes please, 3-4 per page are fine, thank you:)

It’s really important that the essay is extremely original, my university is very strict! Quotations would be really nice but if not possible then that’s fine with me.
Thank you very much