Respond to one of these questions in a brief essay (text Goodnight Desdemona Good Morning Juliet by Ann Marie Macdonald, only use this as reference if needed)
1. MacDonald employs both verbal and physical comic devices in Act
III, scene iv. Identify two of each and evaluate their relative success.

2. In Act II, scene ii, MacDonald?s Iago enters carrying two buckets
of filth. Discuss the dramatic and thematic purposes of this device.

3. Compare the language and style of Constance?s soliloquy at the end
of Act I, scene i (from ?Regina. . .? to ?. . .the world a favor?) with
the language and style of her soliloquy at the end of Act III, scene i
(from ?Thank God? to ?a convent around here somewhere?).

techniques and devices, imitation of acts, protagonist, conflict,plot
structure, image patterns, tragedy and comedy of the drama, comic
effect,thematic function of props.