Descriptive Statistics Paper 1 – Guidelines

Creating a Database

this is the link data base The Philadelphia Health Management Corporation’s (PHMC) Community Health Data Base (CHDB) has served the information needs of health and human service agencies in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region by providing up-to-date and reliable community-level health and social service data.

The CHDB is funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, the William Penn Foundation, the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, & local hospital systems & health and human service organizations.

The following link will take you to the Data Findings page. After opening this page, click on any of the View Details links to access the reports, many of which contain summary statistics similar to those included in the class.

Content of Paper

Your written analysis should contain the following items:

· A brief summary of the data and an overview of the issue you are trying to inform through your data analysis. Summarize the variables in the survey using the descriptiveapproaches in Chapters 2, 3 and 4. Be certain that all tables and charts are labeled well so that they can be understood by anyone. Use each of the following statistical approaches at least once: frequency distribution; histogram; pie chart; bar graph; measures of central location; and measures of variability. Summarize the information in non-technical terms.

· Include the Excel output you used to summarize your data.

Format of Paper

When submitting a written paper, you need to observe the following guidelines on format and content. The paper should be structured as follows:

Introduction (describe what you are researching; how you selected your sample; response rate to survey; problems encountered that may have introduced error into your data)
Analyses (this is the section that contains your summary statistics)
Conclusions (what have you learned as a result of your survey).
Create the report in Word and number pages at the bottom.

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