Deontology and Utilitarianism. These theories are intended to give insight into the right thing to do,
but they often conflict with each other. Having that in mind,choose a current event or issue about which Deontologists and Utilitarians would disagree and write an essay about that event or issue that addresses the following three points.
1. Explain the issue. You should assume that your reader knows nothing about the
issue that you have chosen.
2. Explain what Deontologists and Utilitarians would think should be done in this
situation and why each theory supports that course of action.
3. Explain which of the two solutions you find to be more compelling and why you
think this is the case.
Focus on how well you explain the issue you have chosen, how carefully you apply Deontological and Utilitarian arguments to the issue,and how strongly you defend your position.Be sure to reference all quotations properly.