Please research and write a paper discussing a special need, dentalpatient and be aware of conditions associated with the patient, including any indications/contraindications for your case study.

Dental patients with special needs often ??” but not always ??” have higher rates of poor oral hygiene. As a result, they also have a higher incidence of gum diseases and cavities than people in the general population. Those considered dental patients with special needs represent individuals with a broad range of conditions that do not necessarily relate to oral health.

I would like for you to do your Case study over a CANCER PATIENT, if you feel like you can’t find enough research over it then here are some examples of other dental patients with special needs that you could choose from:

Aging and elderly people
People with a mental illness
Individuals with mobility issues such as patients in wheel chairs
Mentally disabled individuals
Immunocompromised people and those with complex medical problems such cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.
Children with behavioral or emotional conditions such as autism, Downs Syndrome, etc.

Your paper must include the following:

1.Why the patient was chosen or the patient In your case study had the following dentalneeds.
(Example: restorative dentistry, periodontal involvement)
2.Brief background of the patient if Applicable (Do not use real names)
(Example: age, sex, occupation, location of their residence (referring to water fluoridation)
3.Social and personal history
(Example: Do they want to spend money on their teeth, OHI importance, has most of their dental treatment been due to pain, food selection in their diet, meds.)
4. Study Models: if those are available in your article you can copy
6.Dental Chart: Medical/Dental , IO/DO-this will also be discussed in your article finding.
7.Prognosis of patient (final outcome)
8.Patient education ( changing of habits : smoking, high intake of sugars, improve OHI
Number 7 and 8 should be your summary and conclusion

At least THREE references must be used to gather your information (only two of which may be the Internet). Provide references at the top of your written assignment, use APA format to cite references.

Times New Roman
12 font
Paragraph form
SINGLE spaced, double-spaced between paragraphs
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