The theory quiz is designed to measure the extent to which we can apply the material in on-line theory lectures to what we have learned thus far about demography. To accomplish what I am asking you will have to think about how the work of demographers relates to explanations of the aged and/or the aging process. You may wish to consider in what ways the definitions of demographers influence what and whom they study. You have two tasks:

1. Chcose one or more theories of aging that you have studied and consider the relevance of theory to assumptions made by demographers.

2. Develop and describe your own theory about aging in order to explain the impact of demographic changes.. Be creative, but explain on what basis you generate your theory why your theory has predictive value. (NOTE: You do not have to support any existing theory of aging. You do have to provide behavioral evidence in order to support your own theoretical ideas). You probably should consider the extent to which your theory will explain relationships between older and younger persons in 2050 as well as it does in 2006.)

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