Many argue that citizens make their choice for president long before the election itself?Xand because of this, suggest campaigns are only an expensive and needless exercise. Others posit that political campaigns are essential to a healthy democracy and play a large part in determining the outcome of elections. Given these competing arguments, this assignment asks you to answer the following question: do political campaigns influence the outcome of democratic elections? In other words, do campaigns matter?

When answering the above question, be sure to address the following: Are political campaigns important to a democratic society? Why or why not? Be specific in you arguments. As noted in class, the media has an integral role in a democratic society. Given this, what specifically, is the role of the media during a presidential campaign? Can the media help influence the outcome of a presidential election? If so, what type of influence does it have? Be specific in your analysis. Given the presence of a vast amount of political rhetoric during a presidential campaign, the complexity of policy issues, and the lack of political sophistication among much of the American electorate, do you think citizens can make good political choices? Why or why not? Be sure to address how political campaigns influence the choices voters make.