Use Dell Computers
1) Name the Organization or Company you have chosen to examine, and give its address and other background information in a 1-2 paragraph summary.

2) Give the organization?s mission statement. If they do not have a mission statement, analyze information about the company and write a statement for them that includes what they do, who they serve, and how they serve them (i.e., what value they provide, or what values underlie the organization).

3) Create a list or table of the major product or service categories that the company produces/sells, with an explanation of each.

4) Create a list of competitors for the business (if it is small) or a product category (if the company is quite large). Explain how each competitor competes (their strategies or competitive advantages). In terms of the marketing mix, are they competing in terms of product, price, promotion, or place? A table might be useful for this information.

5) Research the industry in which your company operates and provide a several- paragraph (or bulleted list with explanations) overview of the primary issues affecting your industry (with citations and outside references).

6) Discuss your company’s position in the market place relative to competitors, and anything else that you believe contributes to communicating your understanding of your business relative to its industry and to its primary competitors. Review the matrices in (e.g., the Ansoff marketing warfare matrix, Porter’s three generic strategies, the GE matrix, the BCG matrix) and apply 1-2 of these to your company of interest)*.

7) List what you believe the two primary attributes are on which your business competes (such as quality and price) and create a positioning map showing where you are relative to competitors on these two criteria. In terms of a positioning map. You should see that Positioning is part of the overall Marketing Plan – Positioning includes Target Segments, Competitive Stance and Usage incentive. In terms of creating a Position Map —Go to This is a meta search engine site and a scholar search engine. Type in ‘Position Map’ and visit various sites to see examples. This site will never fail you….learn to meta search –my side lesson for today.

4 Page paper