Question One ( 2 pages)

“When we think of the anniversary of the day of infamy on which the Wannsee Conference took place, the grim reality … is that it was the end product of many other days of infamy. On each of so many other dates during the Nazi era, acts took place which either contributed to the dehumanization of the Jews, or to the reinforcement of the Fuhrer principle. As such, they all paved the way for the Final Solution, and ultimately made it possible.”

— Harry Reicher, “A Date in Infamy: The Anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, January 20, 1942,” Cases and Materials, p III ??” 449.

Based on your studies this semester, do you agree with this analysis? Please explain your answer.\

Question Two (2 pages)

“The Universal Declaration of Human Rights teaches us that there is more to being human than just being able to breathe. Being human implies a minimum level of dignity. The Nazi legal system dehumanized its victims, and the Universal Declaration re- humanized them.”
Do you agree with this interpretation? Why?
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