I am taking a course called Information security management. I need you to write me the following:


As an information security professional for Yummy Good Treats, you observe that there are three different software development areas that produce applications for the company. The three areas act independently of each other. There are different levels of development skills, project-management approaches, and application-security awareness and knowledge among the areas. The company would like to implement a software-development framework that would be used across the three development areas. Such a framework would help standardize processes, provide one code library, and bring a common structure to the Software Development Life Cycle.

You want to make sure that the framework addresses security considerations in the development process. As such, you suggest that the design of any application includes the core defense mechanisms that will help ensure the security of that application. You recall from your Information Security Management class that there are four such core defense mechanisms to implement.

Your assignment is to list the four defense mechanisms and provide a brief, 1-to-2 paragraph description of each of them. In addition, choose two of the four core defense mechanisms and provide more detail about them. You must explain what they do and why they are important to developing secure applications. Be sure to provide examples. Provide a half-page to a page of detail for each of the two mechanisms that you choose.