Deductive and Inductive Theory Construction

You need to develop theories using each kind of reasoning about organized crime.


1.The sociological topic is CRIME. DEVELOPE a theory about the topic.

2. EXPLAIN what the theory will address.

3. SPECIFY the range of phenomena to which the theory applies. WHO: All people? Adults age 18 and older? Women only? Canadians only? WHEN: In 2010? In 1920? Over the past five years? WHERE: In the United States? In urban areas? In North Carolina?

4. Derive ONE PROPOSITION and ONE HYPOTHESIS (specific, comparative, and testable statement). Be sure the hypothesis reflects a specific relationship between two variables. Example: Proposition = gender is related to feminism. Hypothesis = younger women are more likely to be feminist than older women.

5. IDENTIFY the independent variable and the dependent variable in the hypothesis. What are the attributes of the independent variable? What are the attributes of the dependent variable?


1. Select one of the following empirical generalizations or select a generalization that is related to the topic. Make sure it is VERY SPECIFIC.

2. DESCRIBE the specific behaviors or statements made by people that might lead to the empirical generalization you selected. That is, make up 3-5 possible concrete observations that would lead you to make that particular empirical generalization.

3. CONSTRUCT a reasonable theory for the empirical generalization. The theory should be a systematic explanation for the empirical generalization and the observations that led to the generalization, and it should be broader than the empirical generalization so that it could also apply to other situations.

PLEASE write the paper in paragraph form CONSTRUCTED in the manner of how the questions have been presented to you., i.e. 1,2,3,4,5..etc.

Use as many resources as necessary only.