Deconstruction of leadership in film instructions:
films provide an excellent opportunity to learn skills in deconstruction by analyzing the actions and effects of characters in the film. Your paper for this course should identify leadership themes which are illustrated in 12 Angry Men and Dead Poets’ Society. For each theme, describe the nature of the leadership theme and the scenes from the films which portray that leadership theme. Support your selection of the themes based on the leadership theories presented in the readings including Aristotles’s Rhetoric, and readings from at least two of the following authors:Peter Northouse (leadership:theory and practice), Warren Bennis (on becoming a leader), John Gardner (on leadership) and Machiavelli (the prince). It is not expected that one can address all of the leadership principles illustrated, but should address at least four themes.

This is the deconstruction paper that I must have written and sent back to me if possible. I didn’t understand what exactly a deconstruction paper was prior to now therefore waiting until the last minute to try and complete. I am willing to email or fax any additional information necessary in order to complete this assignment.
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