Objective and Purpose:
To become familiar with a professional proposal for a decision support system (DSS).
Description of project:
To propose a decision support system (DSS) for the proposed processes. You are asked to observe the decision making process in an organization for example, the processes can involve providing a service or customer support. This may also include decision making processes related to: design, supply, production, inventory control, marketing, etc. The system may be a decision support system, a group decision support system, an expert system or an executive support system.

The report MUST include the following sections:

1. Project Rationale and Summary (2 pages)

1.1 Description of the decision making processes
1.2 Description of the problem
1.3 Description of the objectives of DSS (or the benefits a DSS may provide)
1.4 Description of the key stakeholders of the decision making processes

2. The Organization (2 pages)
2.1 Brief History of the Organization
2.2 Organizational chart (for individuals related to the decision making processes you selected)
2.3 Description of the current organizational culture, and how it influences performance
2.4 Description of the influences of power and politics within the organization on the decision making process

3. Decision Support System (DSS) Proposal (5 pages)

3.1 Discuss how a decision support system can help in each process
3.2 In which portion of the decision making process is a DSS most helpful for decision makers? Why?
3.3 What type of DSS do you recommend your proposed decision making processes? Explain.
3.4 Provide the design specifications for the system:
? Specify the hardware and the software components required to build the system.
? If you plan to use a DBMS, present the relevant logical data model.
? For analytical models, formulate the model and justify the appropriateness of the model.
? If an expert system is used, explain the need for the approach and present the knowledge base.

4. Conclusions and Recommendations (1 page)

4.1 Summary of the problem
4.2 Summary of the DSS proposed
4.3 Summary of the benefits from the proposed DSS

The report should also be done professionally and should include:

• Clear and consistent titles on all sections
• References (not less than 5)