Decision Making Tool

*** Writer based on the problem fill in responses for # 2-9

The problem: A fellow co-worker with seniority lacks on job responsibilities.

1. Identify the Problem ? describe the problem as clearly and completely as possible so that any and every reader would be clear about what you describe.

I have a fellow co-worker that lacks communal responsibilities. This particular employee is constantly late for work, takes leisurely lunches, and sluggish on work assignments.

2. What are the effects of the problem? ?

3. What is causing the problem? ? What events, beliefs, thoughts, actions are leading to the problem?

4. Define your objective or goal. ? Describe what it would look like if you had the perfect solution in place.

The Second Step ? Making the Decision

5. List possible alternatives. ? Brainstorm a list of potential solutions.

6. Evaluate the impact of each alternative. ? List the ?pros and cons? and look for potential unintended consequences.

7. Make the decision. ? Based on your analysis, which alternative or sequence of alternatives would you select to implement?

The Third Step ? Evaluating the Decision

8. Implement the Decision. ? How would you implement your solution or sequence of solutions?

9. Evaluate the Decision. ? How would you evaluate the outcome of your decision? How would you know if you have the correct solution? What evidence would you look for?