Teacher decision making in regards to instruction:

1. Attitudes and beliefs
2. Reflective practice
3. Teacher philosophy

These are the areas to concentrate on in the formate of a literature review.

Reference these if possibly as they are important ones for this paper on teacher decision making.

The chapters are in Inquiries in literacy theory and practice: Forty-sixth yearbook of the National Reading Conference (1997).

Ruddell, R.B. Researching the influential teacher: Characteristics, beliefs, strategies and new research directions.

Allington, R.C. Why does literacy research so often ignore what really matters?

This may be related:

Grimmett, P.P., & Mackinnon, A.M. (1992). Craft knowledge and the education of teachers. In G. Grant (Ed.) Review of research in education (pp. 385-453). Washington, D.C.: American Educational Research Association.