While classic Greek philosophy of Plato and Aristotle stood apart from the religious systems of the time, beginning with the time of the Apostle Paul philosophy stood next to religious beliefs. Paul had studied Greek philosophy and found in the beliefs of Christianity compatibility with the philosophical teachings of the Greek tradition. Later in the Medieval period of history, Thomas Aquinas wrote extensively following his study of Aristotle’s texts and showed the compatibility and inter-relationships between faith and reason.

With the rise and advance of science in the nineteenth and twentieth century a major change occurred. We now find debates between science and religion that provide widespread disagreement about the compatibility of the two. The disagreements not only center on the existence of God but also the role of religious belief in determining complex moral issues in today’s society.

For this assignment we engage in the current debates about religion and science using one of the Library Online Databases for our source material.

Your assignment is to read seven sources and to write a 4 page essay that includes the key points made in AT LEAST five essays and then also write a conclusion that expresses your conclusions ??” which side do you take? Which position would you be prepared to defend? How do you look at the tensions between religion and science? Can they work side by side?

The following essays from the Gale database are provided:

1. Evolution and Creationism Both Contribute to Human Understanding ??” by Michael Ruse
2.Both Religion and Science Can Reveal Life’s Meaning? By Sharon Begley.
3.Religion Harms America. By Frank R. Zindler.
4. Creationism Should be Taught in Public Schools by Patrick Glynn
5. Creationism should not be Taught in Public Schools

Then select two more essays on topics that you might find interesting and that give you pro and con arguments. Following two essays are as follows:

1. Society Needs Religion
2. Intelligent Design is a Scientific Theory


For the five essays that you are going to write about, list the key points with brief descriptions since we are familiar with these articles. Then be sure to write your evaluation, agreement/disagreement with the points expressed. Your critical evaluation of these essays is important.

FINALLY, write a CONCLUSION that provides your overall reaction and conclusions about the debates between science and religion, their impact and potential, and position in our culture today. Is the 20th Century divide between the two impossible to bridge or can religion and science again have dialogue with each other?

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