This case study is going to be on the case regarding Alexander E.Williams. Mr. Williams was 17 years old at the time and mentally ill at the time of this offense on March 4, 1986. Mr. Williams abducted, robbed, raped and shot 16 year old Aleta Bunch. Mr. Williams?s background history was never brought up in his trial. The jury never knew about his severe mental illness and chronic childhood abuse. Mr. Williams was represented by a lawyer in my opinion never cared about his client and didn?t think that this was a mans future that was in his hands. The questions that I would like to address are as follows:

1. Why was there no examination ever completed of his background?
2. Who hired this attorney and was he competent to represent his client?
3. Why did the prosecution not speak up and they were aware of the situation?
4. What was his attorney investigation if any?
5. Why was he not ever granted an appeal after the correctional facilities noticed that there was a mental health issue?
There has to be subtopics throught out the text. The sub-topic heading should always be in capital letters