im 18 years old and i am taking english 101. my instructor said i can pick any topic that has to do with language. i picked deaf language and to be more specific i outlined my paper on what its going to be about. my instructor read it over and approved my out line and understands that there might be a few changes hear and there to it. so if you think that you might have to change anything along the way to suit the research then feel free as long as it fallows the main topics of the outline. here it is. and switch roman numeral 1 and 2 around.

Thesis: Deaf cultures language consists of publications, organizations, and social clubs.

I Publications
A. News Papers
1. The Silent News
2. SIGNews
3. Deaf Life
B. Deaf Nation
1. Deaf expo
2. Purposes of Deaf Nation
II. Deaf Organizations
A. National Association of the Deaf
1. The Civil rights organization of the deaf
2. California Association of the deaf.
3. California Death communities.
B. American Athletic Association of the Deaf
1. Deaf Athletes
2. Athletic communication and events
III. Social clubs
A. Deaf Pride Club
1. Deaf Pride Events in California
a. Deaf Pride activities
2. Benefits of Deaf Pride

B. American Sign language clubs
1. Socializing
a. ASL language guide lines
b. Behavior and communication skills
2. Community of ASL
a. Statistics in U.S of deaf members

my instuctor wants me to have a minimum of 7 work cited resources from text and print. in the first paragraph the thesis has to be included. one of the work cited resources has to come from a text book i have. you need to use the quote that is in the text from this short story i will send. just find a way to include it in this paper.

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