This is an Organizational Psychology Class.

This project addresses a current employee issues confronting an organization related to your organizational structure or human resources. Research the topic in at least five timely and pertinent sources (two books and three internet sources preferred). Write a summary of your findings on the topic. Then do an applied project based on the topic and present both a summary of your literature search and results of the project.

Paper should include the following: 1) A review of the literature on the topic; 2) How you applied the topic in your organization; 3) what you learned from the project and how that learning can apply to your current job or your future career goal.

Research Topic: Performance Analysis and Intervention – Research the topic of performance problems at work and how to deal effectively with them. For the applied project, Interview a manager within your organization to identify a performance issue that affects a vast majority of employees(or if a manager (which I am) use a problem you have with performance). Use the Mager Model to conduct an anlysis to determine the root causes for the performance problem, then design an appropriate intervention (training, job aide, restructuring the job, etc) to address the performance problem.

Paper should have atleast – 1) 3 pages about the literature review on topic; 2) 2 pages talking about topic; 3) 2 pages of what you learned from the topic.

Here are some suggested ideas on causes for the performance problems at work
1) lack of motivation; 2) change in culture; 3) lack of communication; 4) outdated job description; 5) employees unaware of job duties; 6) lack of discipline from previous supervisors; 7) lack of feedback to employees on performance reviews.

work in the wastewater operations field I like to see improvements with making employees more efficient and productive with their time, more proactive in suggestions on ways to improve production, and to put an honest days work in.