This is an take home exam. Make it not so professional; this is just an essay examination, not a paper.

Texts from which references should come is below;
David Copperfield
“Joseph Andrews” can be found at

Assignment statement is below;

English 201
18th October 2004

Mid-term exam

Using your blue book, write a short essay on each of the following

1. (30%) Consider the respective namesakes of Joseph Andrews and David
Copperfield. Briefly, how much do we know about these two characters? Are
they fully developed characters? Are they atypical in terms of their
respective novels? What does that information suggest about the respective
methods of characterization of Henry Fielding and Charles Dickens?

2. (70%) Think about David Copperfield as a novel of social criticism.
What kinds of things does Dickens criticize? How does he want things to be
different? What does he want his readership to take away from the novel?

Please double space. Make certain to support your generalizations with
specific references to the texts under consideration.