This paper will be a scholarly research paper. The format will follow the guidelines of APA (American Psychological Association) standards. These standards are found in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th edition, 2001.

You do not need to include an abstract. Your paper will be five to seven pages in length- for your last page to count it must be well-written and at least 80% covered in text. Your paper must include a minimum of five peer-reviewed sources published during the last five years as references. You may NOT use Internet references or random websites for information. Accessing a library’s database articles online is approved, of course- this is how I conduct a literature review. What isn’t approved is any old information you found by using Google. Just because it is on the Internet it doesn’t necessarily follow that it is worth anything. Instead, you should use scholarly journals, published collections of articles, or academic literary works. Any questions about peer-reviewed publications can be answered by librarians if you are in doubt. The use of peer-reviewed work (journals, articles, etc.) is important and central to your grade.

Your paper will address sexual basis of sexual aggression and dating violence.

Deviation from these guidelines is not encouraged. If a paper doesn’t meet these guidelines, it is possible it will not be graded and a zero will be used for grade calculation purposes. Attend to these guidelines- they will be the method for determining your grade on this assignment. Due as outlined in the syllabus.
Points deducted for the following:
-1 point each- Typographical errors, misspellings, comma splices, run on sentences, and the like.
-2 points each- Format errors of all types (extra spacing between paragraphs, incorrect margins, etc.)
-5 points each- No cover sheet, major text issues
-50 points each- Not doing the assignment properly (incorrect approach used, using Internet sources, using Newspaper articles, using articles from a magazine (such as Time, Newsweek, or Cosmopolitan), not addressing one of the aforementioned topics, or similar problems)
-100 point deduction (and possible failure in the course) for plagiarism – whole or partial