Please read and review the Chapter 6 Case Study that I will attach:

After your review, please answer the following questions and formulate them into an APA formatted paper:

(1) What concepts in this chapter are illustrated in this case?
(2) Why would a customer database be so useful for the companies described in the case? What would happen if those companies had not kept their customer data in databases?
(3) How effective is the SAS statistical modeling software described in this case study? Explain your answer.
(4) How did better data management and analytics improve each company’s business performance? Give examples of two decisions that were improved by mining these customer databases.
(5) Describe some of the weaknesses of predictive analytics. What management, organization, and technology factors are responsible for these weaknesses?
(6) Why is the purpose of Target’s predictive analytics team? What are the benefits of predictive analytics?
(7) Are there any ethical issues raised by mining customer database? Explain your answer.


(a) Write in APA format
(b) Each item will have a proper APA heading
(c) Response to each of the 1-7 items above must be at least 150 words
(d) The paper must have at least five (5) reputable sources with proper citations from these sources

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