Data collection steps and Procedures
a. Describe the source or steps you will take to gather your data related to your research problem
b. Outline the methods you will employ to evaluate your data
c.Discuss the techniques and procedures you will employ to evaluate your data,i.e., content analysis, comparative analysis, or statistical analysis? If so, in what specific ways?

Findings Summary and Conclusion:
Conduct the experiment or treatment. Then respond to instructions and/or questions
a. Outline the results of the study
b. Are the results in line with the hypothesis?
c. Based on the preliminary
d.Provide recommendations for future studies in this area
e. outline any factors which deserve attention which may not have been outlined or discussed under one of the major heading

Use the profit figures that are available publicly from the annual reports of the Big Three automakers.(Ford, General Motors, Ford).Unemployment rates for Detroit ffrom the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Direct industry employment in Detroit. Varibles should be subjected to statistical tests, mainly in the form of regression analysis Two regressions should be done,to test each of the independent variables, in order to evaluate their links to Detroit unemployment.
Hypothesis is that there is a significant link between direct auto industry employment and unemployment in the region, but only a moderate link between auto industry profits and unemployment in the Detroit region.