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Most people assume an obvious rightness of their world view. A good example of how realities are created through the manipulation of language and metaphors is found in the application of “Darwin‘s metaphor,” the idea that life, or whatever, is a struggle in which on the ‘fit’ survive. This metaphor has at times been applied directly or indirectly to aspects of Canadian or American life. Explain how examples of this metaphor are incorporated in social proactices so as to make it seem that it is a correct interpretation of reality.

Read Chapter 4 of Robbins and Larkin, ensure you understand world views and metaphors, and then find on your own applicable examples.

– please use Robbins and Larkin if you are able to, if not please use simple examples (and then elaborate) of how darwains metaphor is incorporated in social proactices ….
This assignment is to be no more then 1 page (300) words long…. and a bibliography is not necessary, however if quotations are used, citations need to be put into place

Robbins, R., and Sherrie Larkin. 2007. Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-Based Approach. First
Canadian Edition. Toronto: Nelson. (is what should be used if possible)

again if this text can not be used (unfortuanately i have no way of sending it) then that is fine, however please try to answer the question as best as you can, using simple concepts and then elaborating. (everyday examples would be key)